Fieldbus / Standards / Universal

Modbus Simple and robust communication protocol supported by many devices (serial and TCP/UDP)  
M-Bus Heat meters - Water meters - Energy meters
DLMS M-Bus library extension for DLMS protocol
OPC-UA OPC-UA is a data exchange standard for industrial communications.
MQTT Lightweight, publish-subscribe network protocol that transports messages between two devices over TCP/IP
NG-Alarm Allows the sending of SMS over Internet (TCP/IP, HTTP port)
3964(R) / RK512 Siemens Point-to-point / Multi point-to-point protocol
S-Bus with NG-Configurator (TCP/IP) S-Bus Driver for Multi-Master applications
S-Bus with NG-Configurator (serial) S-Bus Driver for fast reaction time with priority handling on serial lines (RSxxx)
KNX with NG-Configurator KNX Configurator library for  definition of KNX data points
IEC 60870-5-101 Communication protocol for Power plant and Energy management applications (serial)
IEC 60870-5-103 Communication protocol for Protection relay
IEC 60870-5-104 Communication protocol for Power plant and Energy management applications (TCP/IP)
ESPA 444 Message transmission protocol for Paging Equipment
Text Output Driver to send formatted texts on events to a serial line, a TCP or an UDP port. Supports also SMS over Modem.
Text Parser Driver tool to read and parse text inputs on a Saia PCD®
SNMP Traps Alarm messages (Trap) to network Management Systems (NMS), Syslog messages and device-list to PING


Controller / Energy

 KN-Driver  Driver for communication and Fbox for components from company GFAE Building Automation.
 ExControl  Light and Blind functions with remote control over RS232 or TCP/IP.
 TRS II  Wit Concept, Remote control
 COMSAB / York  SABROE compressor control units : PROSAB II, UNISAB S/R/RT/RTH, UNISAB II
 Johnson N2  Johnson controllers TC-9100 and DX families
 Luxmate  Lightning control BMS ZUMTOBEL


Alarm / Message / Access

NG-Alarm Allows the sending of SMS over Internet. (TCP/IP, HTTP port)
Commend Interphones
Fidelio/FIAS Fidelio / FIAS / MICROS
Cerberus Siemens-Cerberus alarm systems. Please contact Engiby.
Tyco MX Tyco MX 1000 and 4000 fire alarm system. Please contact Engiby.
Securiton / SecuriPro Fire and intrusion Alarm systems. Please contact Engiby.
TechTalk Access control. Please contact Engiby.


Pumps / Clock / Others

Wilo/EMB Pump control
Grundfos Pump control over GENIbus (RS485)
ebmBUS Motor control ebmPapst
Clock Reception of time data for DCF77 and GPS
Marksman Road Traffic Counters