SNMP Traps




The SNMP Driver allows you to send SNMP traps (port 162) to an NMS (Network Management System) by a Saia PCD®.
The alarm flags, the trap properties and the text message are defined in an Excel file for the NG-Configurator. SNMP version 1 and 2 are supported.
In the same way the transmission of Syslog messages are also supported.
A configuration page allows you also to define a list of devices to ping as to know if they are still connected on the LAN.

The access to system properties and variables (port 161) in the Saia PCD® is NOT supported by this driver but is part of the Device configuration in PG5.


License valid for
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
CHF 2'400.--
Maximum 3 license keys
Update to the last version CHF 450.-- Euro
Additional license keys, maximum 3 license keys CHF 450.-- Euro


Help file available from the NG-Configurator.
Language : English