Data acquisition applications

NG-Server A powerful solution allowing the collection of trend data, alarms and parameters from a large number of remote Saia PCD® systems over LAN or GPRS network. The server uses a centralized SQL database.
Values and graphs are available over a Website using a standard Internet browser.
NG-Server hosting Hosting of your data on Engiby's server. You don't need to setup and maintain your own server.
Meteorological data Engiby sàrl proposes a service to provide meteo data (weather forcasts) for Saia PCD® applications.
NG-DB-Net NG-DB-Net is a Windows service allowing you to exchange data with one or more Saia PCD® controllers and a MySQL database. The supported communication protocols are Ether-S-Bus® or http using CGI requests.
NG-Monitoring NG-Monitoring is a user-friendly application that simlify and automate to a maximum the reading of electricity, water and heat meters as well as the data and graphs visualisation on Internet.
S-Energy Report A tool to retreive the energy data from Saia S-Monitoring® devices and creating reports based on Excel files.
NG-Report A tool to retreive CSV files from Saia PCD® Flash memory and to create 'ready to print' reports in Excel file.
NG-Dump A simple and quick way to collect data from one or several Saia PCD® into CSV or Excel file (using S-Bus).
NG-Trace A debugging tool allowing the configuration of a buffer in the Saia PCD® and to manually download and view it on a PC.
It is also useful to create a trace for events to be displayed in clear text.


An overview and comparison of data acquisition solutions can be found here.