S-Energy Report


S-Energy Report

S-Energy Report is a Windows program created to download the energy data collected by Saia S-Monitoring devices and to create reports in Excel files in a very simple way (based on templates).

The following predefined reports can be generated:

  • Day report (15-min consumption)
  • Week report
  • Month report
  • Year report
    Year report created using S-Energy Report

S-Energy Report is available in two versions

  • Freeware version
    This version can be used to read the energy data from the SBC Energy Meters.
  • Basic version
    Additionally to the SBC-Energy Meters, this version supports
    - "Custom Counters" which can be used to represent any kind of data (gas, water, heating energy etc.).
    - "Groups" of energy meters (the group needs to be configred on the S-Monitoring device)
  • Multitask version
    Additionnaly to the Basic version, it allows you to configure several tasks with different Data Collector Parameters, Authentication and Template options.
    You can then select several tasks and execute all with a single click.

A demo license can be provided for evaluation and tests.


Freeware version Free Free
Basic version CHF 600.- Euro
Multitask version CHF 1'200.-  


Please refer to the S-Energy Report Download page.