S-Energy Report Download

Download and install S-Energy Report

For working with the S-Energy Report software it first needs to be installed. This page contains the according instructions.

Download link


  • As S-Energy Report writes the data to Microsoft Excel files, you need to have an of the following versions of MS Excel installed:
    - MS Excel 2010 SP2
    - MS Excel 2007 SP3
    - MS Excel 2003
    Please not that online versions of Excel are not supported
  • S-Energy Report runs on
    - Windows 8
    - Windows 7
    - Windows XP (with .Net Framework 2.0 installed)


  1. Download the Setup package using the link above. Start the Setup and follow the instructions.
    In case you have modified a template, do not check the option "Install Excel Templates" during the installation

Registration / Licensing
Only required in case Custom Counters need to be included in the report, the application needs to be licensed.

  1. Conact Engiby in order to obtain a registration code for your company.
    In case you work with Saia PG5 2.1, please include a copy of your user.key file you received from SBC to register PG5 2.1.
  2. Start the NG-Report software (Windows Start menu – Engiby group), and open the "About box" from menu "Help" --> "About".
  3. Click 'Register' and enter the license key you received from Engiby.

Unless you have enter a license key, S-Energy Report will run in freeware mode.
All functions are supported in the freeware mode except the following points:

  1. Energy data from Custom Counter will not be included in Reports
  2. Data from Groups will not be included in Reports