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Privacy Policy


Engiby web site (

Engiby does not collect any personal data as you navigate on our web site We do however use Google Analytics as to analyses the occurrences of visits on some pages. The collected data are anonymized by Google Analytics.

Engiby Customers / Engiby Products

As owner of an Engiby license for one of our product, you are registered in our Customer and Product data base. We do collect the necessary data as to correctly identify and handle your licenses, your use and update rights, the validity period of your license as well as you invoice data.

Concerning our customers, we do collect, among other, the names, address, phone numbers, web page address of the company, and if applicable, the data of the reseller.

Concerning the purchased products, we do collect, among other, the product identifier including its version, the license key, (incl. the necessary data for the generation of this license key), the creation dates and end of validity of the license as well as the contact person, and if applicable, the data of the reseller.

For the handling of the invoices, we do collect also the date and number of your order, the delivery data, the price, as well as the date and number of our invoice.

These data may also be subject to analysis as to identify commercial potential of our actual and future products and to propose product extensions or new products to our customers.

Customer and Product data are never transmitted to other (except the invoice and payment data for the handling by our fiduciary).The access to customer and product data by Engiby is restricted to people that need them for their professional activities.

Each customer, as registered contact for a company may confirm, activate or deactivate the use of his personal data for the sending of spontaneous messages. This can be done during the installation of the product (in preparation for 2019), via the contact page at or by email send to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Engiby does not collect data about the use of the products.

NG-Server data Server (

Our data server (called NG-Server) contents exclusively personal data that are necessary for the identification of the users, like the user name, the login name and password (encrypted on the server). Further personal data, useful for the use of the web interface are stored, like the language and other preferences. Cookies are not used on NG-Server (since V3.0.524).

For alarm transmission functions, we need to store the necessary email and SMS addresses. For technical reason, these parameters are not always visible and editable by the user itself.

For maintenance purpose, technical controls, optimization, or for trouble shooting, data about the use of the server (incl. login and logout by users) might be stored on the server in form of temporary log files or long term history in the data base.

Such data are never transmitted to others. Each user may require the delivery and/or the deletion of history data containing personal information about him.

Customer having an NG-Server license

Customer having an NG-Server license and operating their own server have the responsibility to comply with any local regulation about handling of personal data (e.g. the GDPR).

Engiby remain at your disposal to provide any useful information that may be required for the correct handling of personal data within NG-Server and for the preparation of the privacy policy declaration.

27.12.2018 / Subject to change without notice.