Introduction :

NG-Monitoring is a PCD application created to simplify and automate to a maximum the reading of electricity, water and heat meters as well as the data and graphs visualisation on Internet.

All you need is the following elements. One Saia PCD® equipped with an M-Bus module, an Internet connexion and counters communicating on M-Bus.


The installation of a pre-programmed system takes only a few minutes. The PCD detects the counters connected on the M-Bus. It reads their data at regular interval and sends them on the Internet. From that moment, your counters are visible on our NG-Server. Every additional counter connected on this bus will automatically be detected.

If you have a computer connected on the same local network as the PCD, you can take a look to the internal web pages of the PCD. They will inform you on the status of the system and the actual data of the counters.




Technical details :

The PCD scans the defined M-Bus address range at regular interval, for example every 5 minutes. It updates an internal list of counters as well as the internal web pages.

Simultaneously, every hour, it reads the data of every counters of this list and saves the received data in a buffer which is then sent to the NG-Server. If the connection is temporary lost, every hour the new data are added in the buffer. The buffer capacity depends on different parameters including the number of connected counters, the reading interval and the available PCD memory.


On the NG-Server side, when it receives data from a new PCD, it will automatically create a new user account. The user name that will allow you to log in to the NG-Server is the serial number of the PCD with a default password. In case the PCD is already known to the NG-Server, the data are simply added in the corresponding table. 

For more information about NG-Server, click here.




The basic NG-Monitoring includes the following elements :

  • A ready-to-use application
  • A maximum of 20 counters (M-Bus primary address range from 1 to 20)
  • A scan detection interval of 5 minutes
  • A counters reading interval of 1 hour
  • Hosting the data on our NG-Server
  • Automatic IP address configuration (DHCP)
  • Supported type of counters :

    Heat meters, water meters and SBC electricity meters


Additional options available for NG-Monitoring :

(for integrators with PG5 and M-Bus licenses)

  • Integration of the NG-Monitoring feature on an existing PCD application
  • A maximum of 240 counters on one bus
  • Configurable intervals (scanning and reading)
  • Manual IP address configuration


Additional possibilities with your own NG-Server license :

  • Live check of the PCD
  • Validity of the received data
  • Alarming system, by SMS or e-mail
  • We can handle the installation and the maintenance of your NG-Server
  • And many more...

NG-Monitoring concept

NG-Monitoring concept







Technical detail of NG-Monitoring

NG-Monitoring concept



PCD's internal Webpages

Internal PCD Webpages


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