NG-Server concept


NG-Server is a software package designed to

  • collect historical data from remote sites
  • collect and forward Alarms from remote sites (optional)
  • to exchange Parameter tables (optional)

The NG-Server works in combination with Saia PCD® controllers which send the information to the server (the connection is established by the Saia PCD® and not by the NG-Server, avoiding troubles with router configuration and dynamic IP addresses).
The data/values are stored in a centralized SQL database from which selective access to the values with tabular and graphical representations is offered on a web interface. Alarms can be viewed, acknowledged and automatically forwarded by E-Mail and/or SMS. The Parameter tables can be automatically synchronized with Saia PCD® values.

The data transmission is mainly realized over IP (ADSL, VSL, GPRS; LAN or WAN). The concept is very modular and includes several applications for data reception, database management, parameter transmission, Web-interface, SMS and Email alarm transmission.

New features and customized solution can be developed on request.


Due to the numerous optional features of NG-Server, these prices are only budget prices for typical installations.
Please contact Engiby for a detailed offer.

Basic Version, single server license
 - One Web server with up to 120 systems (Saia PCD®)
 - History (Trend) and Alarm Reception
 - TCP reception (LAN and/or GPRS)
 - 1 day installation and training
CHF 6’000.-- Euro
250 systems CHF 8’000.-- Euro
500 systems
CHF 10’000.-- Euro
1000 systems
CHF 12’000.-- Euro
+ Second server for communication redundancy + CHF 5'000.-- Euro
+ Parameter transmission and reception
   Values backup and restore
   Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+ Alarm automatic transmission per E-mail or SMS     (1 provider) + CHF 2'500.-- Euro
+ Additional provider per E-mail, SMS or Pager     (Maximum two SMS providers, two E-mail providers and two Pager providers) + CHF 1'500.-- Euro
For more than one server, other combination or any special functions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..