NG-Report is a Windows program created to retrieve CSV files from the flash memory of Saia PCD® systems and to create reports in Excel files in a very simple way (based on templates).

The NG-Report program is foreseen to run in background on a Windows system. At startup the program loads a description file with instructions about:

  • which Saia PCD® and which file(s) to read
  • when to read the files (time interval)
  • the Excel template to use
  • where to save the report (drive, folder, file name)
  • whether to export the report as PDF file
  • whether to call an executable after report generation, e.g. for sending report by Email
  • and more options

NG-Report uses FTP communication to retrieve files on the Saia PCD®. The CSV files on the Saia PCD® flash card can be created with the "HDLog" or "Log to File" FBoxes. In case "HDLog" FBoxes are used, files can be shared with the Web interface.

The exact location where to write the data in the final report can be specified (file, sheet and start cell) as well as the way data are recorded (in rows or in columns).

NG-Report is available in 3 versions

  • Basic version
    Supports the single shot function only and allows the creation of one task only.
  • Advanced version
    Supports the single shot and the regular reporting functions. It allows the creation of one task only.
  • Multitask version
    supports the single shot and the regular reporting functions and allow the creation of several tasks.

A demo version is available for evaluation and tests.


Please refer to the NG-Report Prices page.


Please refer to the NG-Report Download page.