NG-Report Download

Download and install NG-Report

For working with the NG-Report software it first needs to be installed and licensed. This page contains the according instructions.

Download link


  1. If you have installed a former version, please go to the Windows control panel and uninstall the NG-Report software first.
  2. Download the Setup package using the link above. Start the Setup and follow the instructions.
  3. Start the NG-Report software (Windows Start menu – Engiby group), and go to the About box.

    If you already have your license key:
  4. Click 'Brows' to select your PG5 User.key file (or enter your user name manually).
  5. Click 'Register' to enter your license key.

For more detailled instructions for the usage please refer to the help file.

Unless you have enter a license key, the NG-Report will only run in demo mode.
All functions are supported in the demo mode except the following points:

  1. The number of copied data is limited to 12 lines and 6 rows.
  2. The file reading will be stopped after 30 minutes. You can then shut down and restart the NG-Report.
  3. You cannot start NG-Report after the trial period of 30 days