KN-Communication is a particular implementation of Modbus into devices for building automation and rom control from company GFAE Building Automation. Connectable devices includes Pushbuttons with LED feedbacks, Setpoint adjustment, Temperature, humidity and CO2 sensors, Presence detectors, various Relay actuators as well as analogue Input/Outputs. The particular and very efficient use of the Modbus protocol with event handling enables reaction times in range of 100ms on any pressed button while all relay outputs are refreshed on each communication cycles. 

The Engiby library allows you easy and efficient implementation of GFAE components in Saia-PCD® controllers. Communication driver for serial lines (RS485) and TCP (using a TCP/IP to Modbus RTU gateway) are available. A generic Fbox allows you to access all input and output parameters of the GFAE devices. Dedicated Fboxes are available with more specific functions, including:

 - Push Buttons (Toggle / Set / Reset / etc ), including color LED control.
 - Setpoint adjustment (Up/Down +/-3 Degrees)
 - Temperature, Humidity and CO2 sensors
 - Presence detectors
 - Relay outputs

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KN-Driver library compatible with
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V

CHF 2'400.--
Maximum 3 license keys

Additional license key for a new PG5 version, if purchased or updated within less than 1 year Free Free
Update from any version or to actual version including new license key
Update service
CHF 600.-- Euro
Additional license keys, maximum 3 license keys CHF 600.-- Euro


The documentation is included in the library as Widows Help file in English.