Johnson N2


The Johnson N2 Driver allows data exchange with Johnson controllers of the TC-9100 and DX-9100 families.
The driver is available in form of an FBox family for Fupla. The Saia PCD® is Master and supports Read and Write access for PCD Integer registers. The Integer values are converted from/to the various Johnson TC/DX formats by the driver.


Licence valide for
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
CHF 2'400.--
Maximum 3 license keys
Update to the last version
Update Service
CHF 450.-- Euro
Additional license keys, maximum 3 license keys CHF 450.-- Euro


Help file available from each FBox.
Language : English