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The Modbus protocols allows the exchange of data with a wide range of industrial devices and many supervisors. The Modbus 2 library from Engiby sàrl supports the following Modbus protocols:

  • ASCII + RTU over serial lines RS 232, 422 and 485
  • TCP + UDP over Ethernet

Both, master and slave functions are included in the library and several master and several slave drivers can run simultaneously on the Saia PCD®.
The library is available in form of S-Fup FBoxes for Fupla programmers. For the use in IL or Graftec the library provides an interface using FBs which can be called. For a detailled description of the features and Getting Started examples follow this link.


The Modbus library is now available with the NG-Configurator and Excel. It is especially useful for big projects. The NG-Configurator allows you to define a long list of sending and receiving transmissions in an Excel file instead of placing Fboxes in a Fupla file. Each transmission can have different parameters like, an enable flag, a single or cyclic mode, different modbus functions, a format conversion, etc. You also have the possibility to retrieve a large amont of data in one single transmission to a buffer and then spread them in different flags and registers using different format conversions.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Modbus Fbox library, new license compatible with:
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V

For PG5 1.4 and 2.0, please contact Engiby

CHF 750.--
Maximum 3 license keys

Additional license key for a new PG5 version, if purchased or updated within less than 1 year Free Free
Additional license keys for new PG5, maximum 3 license keys CHF 400.-- Euro

License extension for specific Devices:

Read the Modbus manual for more details. See chapter "Specific Devices".

Extention level 1 with specific Fboxes for devices:
 - Thermokon, room sensor, type NOVOS 3 PTD
 - Siemens, room sensors, types QFA2050/MO and QPA2052/MO
CHF 600.-- Euro

Extention level 2 includes extention level 1 plus Fboxes for devices:
 - iSMA RIO's types B-8I, B-8U, B-4O-H, B-4I4O-H, B-4U4A-H, B-4U4O-H, B-MIX18 and B-MIX36
 - GFAE - KN3 Koplernetz, module types VA8 and RM2
CHF 1'000.-- Euro

Extention level 3 includes extention level 2 plus Fbox for Belimo devices :
 - PR/PM - VRU - VAV - Air/Water - CQ - Energy Valve - Thermal Energy Meter - 2-way EPIV - 6-way EPIV - BKN230-24
CHF 1'500.-- Euro

Update from version to Modbus 2.8 with new features:
- NG-Configurator = Configuration of Modbus telegrams in an MS-Excel file.
- NG-ModLink = Add-On tool to read/write Modbus Slave data connected to your PCD.
- NG-Trace = Add-On tool to trace Modbus communication in raw and decoded formats.

See also Update service

CHF 500.-- Euro

Update from any version to the last Modbus 2.8 version.

CHF 400.-- Euro
Update from version or older to Modbus 2.8 including maximum 3 new license keys.

CHF 600.-- Euro


The documentation is included in the library as Widows Help file in English. A detailled description of the features of the Modbus2 driver can be found in the Modbus 2 Driver details.

Further information

The following links point to further useful documents about Modbus libraries.

Old Modbus 1 library

The Modbus 1 driver is now obsolete. If you start a new application with Modbus please use the Modbus 2 package above.
For upward compatibility of existing applications on PG5 2.0, 2.1 and 2.2, you can install a Modbus 1 package as extension to Modbus 2 and keep your applications unchanged.
Procede as follow: