NG-ModLink is an Add-on tool for PG5 and allows the connection to the Engiby Modbus2 Master driver on the PCD. Once connected, it allows

  • changes to the connection parameters (baudrate, parity, stop bit) for testing
  • execution of Modbus requests read executed by the Modbus driver
  • execution of Modbus write requests executed by the Modbus driver

Using this tool it is possible to test connection parameters, read modbus values and display them in various formats (binary, ASCII, hexadecimal, signed and unsigned 16- and 32 bit values, 32 bit Floating point and sending modbus values to the connected modbus slaves.

NG-ModLink requires the Modbus 2.8 library. Contact Engiby for the update.



NG-ModLink is to be added to a device within a PG5 project, and this device needs to have a Modbus Master FBox placed.
The software is using the PG5 online connection to connect to the Modbus Master FBox inside the program. Over this FBox the requests are sent over the configured interface (serial or IP, depending on the MOD-MLink FBox). 


NG-ModLink is included in the license of the Engiby Modbus 2.8 library.


NG-ModLink can be installed as Add-On Tool for PG5 2.2 and PG5 2.3. It requires Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.2 and Engiby Modbus library


Download link for the current version: NG-Modlink version 1.0.009 (2.1 MBytes).