OPC-UA Server

OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) is a data exchange standard for industrial communications. OPC UA simplifies industrial connectivity so you can integrate all your devices, automation systems and software applications using a platform-independent standard.

 Engiby has developed an OPC-UA server library for Saia PCD® systems, allowing you to make PCD data available to OPC-UA clients such as SCADA. Each data point is available as read/write and publish/subscribe.

The NG-Configurator is available to create OPC-UA data-points. This powerful tool allows you to create and configure data-points easily and efficiently in an Excel file. More info here.

Actual features and limitations:
Max. 10 simultaneous TCP-IP connections.
Max. 10 OPC-UA sessions.
Max. ~1000 nodes (=1000 PCD variables, flag, register, input, output, text).
Max. 5000 monitored items over the 10 sessions (only the ‘value’ attribute can be monitored).
Read/write requests of text nodes are limited to 100 bytes and pub/sub is not supported.
The library does not support the encrypted communication or the authentication.
Don't forget to consider the limits of the hardware. The memory quickly fills up with a large number of nodes.

The minimum required firmware version is 1.28.39.

Please contact Engiby for more information.



Basic Software License including 3 runtime keys

  • PG5 V
CHF 3'200.-- Euro
Supplementary runtime, per PCD CHF 275.-- Euro
10 runtime pack (20% discount) CHF 2'200.-- Euro
25 runtime pack (30% discount) CHF 4'812.-- Euro
50 runtime pack (40% discount) CHF 8'250.-- Euro