WIT Clip


The devices "Force" and "Clip" from the manufacturer WIT support the open protocol TRSII which allows the transmission and reception of binary and numeric data points. 

The TRSII is a point to point protocol supported on RS 232, RS 485 or RS 422. The Saia PCD® acts as master of the communication and the program is realized with FBoxes for Fupla.


Licences and update are valid for
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
CHF 2'000.--
Maximum 3 license keys
Update to the latest version.
Update Service
CHF 450.-- Euro
Additional license keys, maximum 3 license keys CHF 450.-- Euro


The documentation in form of a Microsoft Word document is installed together with the library.
Language : French