NG-Trace 2

NG Trace2

NG-Trace2 is an Add-On Tool for PG5. It allows to display trace buffers of a wide range of Saia PCD® applications. The package includes an FBox library with the necessary functions to handle the trace buffer in the Saia PCD®. The data and events stored in the trace buffer can be viewed by the NG-Trace tool either online or at a later time. The size of the buffer is adjustable to suite the desired autonomy. All numeric values can immediately be displayed in a graphical representation. An export function allows you to store the data in a Excel table for a more flexible representation and documentation.

The same tool is able to download and show various buffers created in different ways.

  1. An FBox can be used to create a buffer that will trace events for some Saia libraries like:
    - Modem driver
    - S-Bus Station Control
    - EIB Driver.

  2. Other FBoxes can create a buffer to trace particular Saia PCD® signals like XOB events or State change of a range of flags.

  3. Used with Engiby's communication drivers, the trace buffer can store useful events like changes of status, errors detection, tranmsmission of commands, reception of telegrams. This use is bound to the license of the corresponding communication driver.

  4. With a suitable license, NG-Trace allows you to fully configure a trend buffer (with NG-Trace, without FBox) with up to 256 Saia PCD® variables in various formats like binary, nibbles, words and long words.
    A time stamp or a milli-second counter can be added to each record. Data recording can be triggered on value changes (with specified minimum delta), on regular interval or on command bit set in the Saia PCD®.
    An Enable flag allows you to start recording only when necessary and to optimize the use of the buffer capacity. For a better understanding of this function, the freeware version includes a demonstration of this option.

  5. A so called 'Public Event Buffer' can be used in your own development (e.g. FBox developement) to trace any event you like. An FB call (in IL) is provided to load event in the buffer.

Buffers included in the freeware version:

  • Configured Buffer for up to 3 variables, free definable.
  • Modem Driver
    Two different Buffers (a simple and an advanced buffer) for modem activities of the Saia Modem FBox library (requires Modem library 2.1.400 or higher).
  • Trace Buffer S-Bus
    Buffer for S-Bus Master station (including TCP/IP communication) with the SAIA Communication library.
  • XOB Event
    Buffer to trace XOBs interrupts occurrences with time stamp and any useful information.
  • EIB Driver
    Buffer to trace Saia EIB Driver FBox activities (SEND, RCV, POLL) as well as Warnings and Errors.
  • Public Event Buffer
    Common predefined buffer with FB call to load your own events.

Functions levels

The functionalities of the NG-Trace are distributed on several levels as follow.

Level 0

Demo version. No registration needed. No buffer configuration is supported, but configured user buffers can be viewed. You can start the NG-Trace, read the Help file.

Level 3

Needed for some simple Engiby drivers.
Allows the use of a large Binary Events Buffer

Level 5

Supports the configuration of a user buffer.
Also needed for some complex Engiby drivers.

Other levels

Not used yet.


The price for a license is depending on the level of the functionalities you need. Please refer to the NG-Trace Prices page for more information.

Freeware download

You can download and install the freeware version of the NG-Trace from the NG-Trace Download page.