KNX Configurator


The KNX Configurator library allows the definition of KNX data points to be exchanged with a Saia PCD® in a Microsoft Excel file. The Excel file is organized in a way that devices (e.g. room thermostats) can be defined as templates and these templates can then be instanced. During the compilation of the configuration the NG-Configurator declares the symbols of the instanced templates as Public symbols which can be used in Fupla.

The KNX Configurator library uses the EIB Driver FBox library distributed together with the PG5® Controls suite and can be used in parallel to the common FBoxes of this libraray in the same PG5® project.
The library is designed to work with the NG-Configurator.

This offers you many advantages such as:

  • a very good overview of your KNX devices to be connected
  • faster configuration of communication with grouped KNX addresses
  • automatical creation of symbols which corresponds to KNX group addresses
  • configuration of repeated transmission of values or transmission on change of values

As the KNX Configuration library bases on the EIB Driver FBox library, this library needs to be correctly installed and licenses on the PC running the KNX Configuration library.



License are valid for

  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
CHF 2’000.-- Euro
Update to the last version CHF 450.-- Euro


Online help is provided in

  • English
  • German

The online help can be opened from the context menu of the Saia PG5® Library Manager.