NG-Configurator Download page

Download the latest version of Engiby NG-Configurator (version 3.0.029)

Click here to download the latest version of the setup of the Engiby Configurator ( 2 MByte)


It is important to execute all steps listed below, in the given order. We recommend to read these instructions carefully before to start the installation.

We also assume that the PG5 Controls Suite (PG5 1.4, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3) and MS-Excel are installed on your PC.

  1. If you have a version older than 2.2.000 already installed, uninstall it using the Add/Remove Program function of Windows.
  2. To install the Engiby NG-Configurator, start the setup you have downloaded from this page and follow the instructions.
  3. At the end of the installation use the appropriate button to register the NG-Configurator as Add-on tool of PG5.
  4. Restart PG5 to complete the Add-On tool registration.
  5. If you have received an application library together with the NG-Configurator, install this library (e.g. see the Blinker demo below).

Now you can use the NG-Configurator from your PG5 projects by creating a NG-Configurator file (context menu of the Programs folder of a device in the PG5 Project Manger).

For further information please refer to the help file.

Minimum NG-Configurator versions

 To work with PG5 V 2.3.16x (SP1)
 and more recent
 Version 3.0.014
 To work with PG5 V 2.3.1xx  Version 3.0.010
 To work with the ".xlsx" MS-Excel file extension  Version 3.0.010
 To work with PG5 V 2.2.1xx  Version 2.2.270
 To work with PG5 V 2.1.3xx  Version 2.2.260
 To work with PG5 V 2.1.100  Version 2.2.200
 To work with PG5 SP 2.0.150  Version 2.2.003
 To work with PG5 V 2.0  Version 2.2.001
 To work with PG5 V 1.4 *  Version 2.1.007
 To work with MS-Excel 2003  Version 2.1.006

 * The maximum NG-Configurator version for PG5 1.4 is version 2.2.270 available for download here below.

Blinker Demo for PG5 1.4

You can download the files for a blinker demo application. The simple application helps you to understand the principle of the Configurator and the working principle with Excel files in a PG5 project. Start the file you have downloaded to install it. The use of this application is described in the Help file of the Configurator.

Download former version of the Engiby NG-Configurator for PG5 1.4 (version 2.2.270)

Click here to download the setup of the Engiby Configurator for PG5 1.4 (6.9 MByte)