Meteorological data

Engiby sàrl proposes a service to provide meteo data (weather forecasts) for Saia-PCD® applications.

The data are collected on a server hosted by Engiby (base NG-Server). Fboxes are provided for Fupla programming.

The PCD system requests the selected data once per day for the current day and up to the next 3 days. The data are specific to the selected location (to be agreed with Engiby). The resolution of the forecast is 3 hours (8 values for each day).

  • Temperature in °C/10
  • Humidity in %
  • Sunshine in W/m2 and in %
  • Rain in mm and in %
  • Wind speed km/h and Wind direction

The service is maintained and supervised by Engiby. In case of problem or changes with the data provider, Engiby ensures an automatic adaptation or switch to another provider on server side without need for modification in the PCD applications.



For one PCD and one location:
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
CHF 300.- per year Euro
Additional PCD, same location CHF 50.- per year Euro 
Additional PCD, new location CHF 200.- per year Euro