NG-Server concept


NG-Server is a software package designed to

  • collect historical data from remote sites
  • collect and forward Alarms from remote sites
  • backup and restore parameters and counter values

The NG-Server works in combination with Saia PCD® controllers which send the information to the server (the connection is established by the Saia PCD® and not by the NG-Server, avoiding troubles with router configuration and dynamic IP addresses).
The data/values are stored in a centralized SQL database. Selective access to the values is supported over a web interface including tabular and graphical representations as well as CSV or XLS files. Alarms can be viewed, acknowledged and automatically forwarded by E-Mail and/or SMS. Backup tables can be automatically synchronized with Saia PCD® values (Backup/Restore).

If you don't want to setup and maintain your own server, look at the Hosting solution.

The data transmission is realized over TCP-IP (ADSL, VSL, GPRS; LAN or WAN). The concept is very modular and includes several applications for data reception, database management, Web-interface, SMS and Email alarm transmission. Specific tasks can be coded in different languages and automatically executed.

New features and customized solution can be developed on request.


Due to the numerous optional features of NG-Server, these prices are only budget prices for typical installations.
Please contact Engiby for a detailed offer.

Basic Version, single server license
 - One Web server with up to 120 systems (Saia PCD®)
 - History (Trend) and Alarm Reception
 - TCP reception (LAN and/or GPRS)
 - 1 day installation and training
CHF 6’000.-- Euro
250 systems CHF 8’000.-- Euro
500 systems CHF 10’000.-- Euro
1000 systems CHF 12’000.-- Euro
+ Second server for communication redundancy + CHF 5'000.-- Euro
+ Parameter transmission and reception
   Values backup and restore
   Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+ Alarm automatic transmission per E-mail or SMS     (1 provider) + CHF 2'500.-- Euro
+ Additional provider per E-mail, SMS or Pager     (Maximum two SMS providers, two E-mail providers and two Pager providers) + CHF 1'500.-- Euro
For more than one server, other combination or any special functions please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..