The use of this tool is no longer recommended. Please consider rather the use of NG-Server hosting.

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NG-Dump is a Windows program created to copy data from Saia PCD® devices into an Excel or a CSV-file in a very simple way.

The NG-Dump program is foreseen to run in background on a Windows system. At startup, the program loads a description file with instructions about:

  • which data to read (variable types and addresses)
  • when to read the data (time interval)
  • how to save the data (drive, folder, file name and new file period)

and much more advanced options.

The NG-Dump uses the PG5 communication driver and therefore supports all connection types offered by the PCD:

  • RS 232 point to point
  • S-Bus on RS 485
  • S-Bus USB
  • S-Bus over Ethernet
  • (Modem is not recommended)

No buffer handling is required in the PG5 project itself. No special programming is required in the Saia PCD®.

At each new reading, the data are added to the file. New files are created every day, week or month.

The exact location where to write the data can be specified (file, sheet and start cell) as well as the way data are recorded (in rows or in columns).

Excel files can directly be used for graphical representation, while CSV files can be imported into many applications and SCADA systems for statistics, computing, trend display or reporting.

NG-Dump is available in 2 versions

  • Basic version (License level 1)
    allows the connection to a single Saia PCD® and supports a single task (one data list, one interval, one output file).
  • Multitask version (License level 10)
    can read data from several Saia PCD®, and also supports more than one task simultaneously. Each task has a different data list, its reading interval and output file.

Many other options could be added on request. Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for specific requests.


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Freeware download

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