Text Output




The Text Output for Saia PCD® allows you to create an application to send formatted text messages without writing a single line of PCD code. The library is designed to work with the NG-Configurator which uses MS-Excel files as input.
This offers you many advantages such as:

  • a very good overview of your texts
  • a comfortable editing tool : MS-Excel
  • text length formatting by the compiler
  • well definable line structure by use of models
  • useful pre-formatted texts and variables (PCD Time, PCD Date, Spaces, Marks, Line jump, etc…)
  • inclusion of PCD variables with physical addresses or global symbols, including format
  • simple way for creating a multi language application using the compilation options

The application is able to send the text messages:

  • to a serial line
  • over Modem as free text without particular protocol *
  • on a TCP/IP connection
  • as UDP datagrams
  • as HTTP requests with parameters
  • as SMS messages *

* Modem and SMS use also the Saia’s Modem Fbox library and can be combined with other functions of the Modem library.

The condition to use this tool is that no protocol structure like sequence numbering, length byte, checksum and timeout are required and unidirectional communication is used (or reply can be ignored).



Licence valide for
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
  • PG5 V
CHF 1'200.--
Maximum 3 license keys
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Update Service
CHF 400.-- Euro
Additional license keys, maximum 3 license keys. CHF 400.-- Euro


Included in library
Language : English