License validity and registration procedure (PG5 2.0 to 2.3)

The licenses for the Engiby libraries are bound to the PG5 licences (user name and main version). Usually the library is addressed to the System Integrator (SI). The SI is the company which owns a licensed version of PG5 and will install the additional library on PG5. If the Integrator AND the End User have a different PG5 license and install the Engiby product on PG5, each of them must purchase a product license.
For PG5 2.3, 2.2, 2.1, 2.0 and 1.4, a license key for each library must be entered during the installation of the library. Please read also the few restrictions at the end of this page.

License Validity
The license keys are valid for one main version of PG5, e. g.: Versions An update and a new key will be required for the next main versions, e. g.: Versions

Within a delay of 12 months from the delivery of a driver or an update (free update excluded), you can ask for a free update and a key for the next PG5 main version. E.g. from PG5 2.1 to PG5 2.2 or from PG5 2.2 to PG5 2.3. However a maximum of 3 licence keys is delivered without ordering an update.
In other words, Engiby ensures that a driver can be used at least one year without being invoiced for a new license key. This is only valid for products with unlimited licence.

Registration procedure
In the following procedure we base on the assumption that you have an official and licensed version of PG5 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 or 2.3 installed on your computer and you have used the "Register software" feature from PG5 to install the file "User.key" you have with your PG5 (users of Demo package, $-versions and Beta tester, see below).

  1. Ensure that you have the correct "User.key" installed on PG5 by starting the "Saia Project Manager" and open the "About box" from the Help menu and check the displayed User name:

  2. When you order an Engiby license or an update for a new PG5 version, send the USER.KEY file of the corresponding PG5 package to Engiby. This allows us to create a license key that matches your PG5 license. If you don't have any personal address, please send the file to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

  3. The Integrator (or End User) is registered by Engiby and a License key together with a link to download the library is sent to you (by email).

  4. Start the setup of the concerned library. Select the installation for PG5 2.3, 2.2, 2.1, 2.0 or 1.4. If you don’t need to install the library, you can check the option ‘Register only’.

  5. For Installer version 3.x, enter the key in the field 'License key' and click 'Install'.
    For Installer 2.x, click first Install and when the dialogue box appears, copy the received Key and click OK.



Check that the final message doesn't show an error.

Now you can build a project using the corresponding library.

Other Conditions and Restrictions
For PG5 1.4, you need at least a version V1.4.100
For PG5 2.0, you need at least a version V2.0.100
For PG5 2.1, you need at least a version V2.1.100
For PG5 2.2, you need at least a version V2.2.050
For PG5 2.3, you need at least a version V2.3.165
If you have a former version (Beta or $-version), see below.

License keys will not be created for package without a correct user name (E.g. package 'For SAIA Internal use only').

The keys can be used only on the PC with the correct PG5 license (the one sent to Engiby !) but you are allowed to use it on other PCs as long as they have the same PG5 license. It means the PC is used inside the same company.

In emergency cases, Engiby can provide an emergency Key, valid for a limited period. The emergency key is shorter and can be easily be transmitted by phone.

On the same PG5 main version, the same key is valid for several version of a library, as long as these versions are bound to the same license.
Example: M-Bus driver version 2.7.500 use the same keys as the former version 2.5.300.

Special case: Modbus1 and Modbus 2
The keys for Modbus 1 (versions 1.7x) are not valid for the Modbus 2 package (version 2.5, 2.6 and 2.7). This package needs another key.

Note also that some libraries need a runtime license key (one license per PCD system).

Updating to a new PG5 version
The user.key files made by SBC for PG5 1.4 are not valid for PG5 2.0. Also the keys provided by Engiby for PG5 1.4 are not valid for PG5 2.0. This is also true for PG5 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3.
See above the conditions for the delivery of free license key. Note also that user.key files created for $ or beta versions will not be valid for official versions and service pack of PG5. Therefore, we recommend to use demo key files only for $ and beta version of PG5.

Demo license
Demo licenses of PG5 don’t restrict the use of any library (including Engiby's) but has only a time limitation (30 to 90 days). At each build you get a warning indicating the expiration date of the demo license. Take care ! A license key will be required when the personalized user.key file will be installed.

Beta testers and user of $-version
Beta testers and user of $-version must also have a demo license to use Engiby's libraries. Engiby will not deliver license keys for generic packages like 'FOR SAIA INTERNAL USE ONLY' or similar. A license key will be required when the personalized license is installed. The above described procedure must be executed when the official licensed version will be installed.

Installing on PG5 V2.3 without administrator rights
The user who doesn't have the administrator rights on his computer may have a problem to install Engiby's libraries on PG5 V2.3. It can be solved by following these steps:

  1. Rename the installer file from *.exe to *.zip
  2. Unzip the file in a temporary folder
  3. Execute the file 'NGInstal.exe' by double-click (do not use the command 'Run as adminstrator')