FBox Library installation in PG5

This document has been created to help you by installing Fbox libraries on PG5. Several method have been used in the past for the installation and library package may have various form. Misunderstanding have caused several erroneous installation which may be difficult to correct.

To make the Fbox library easier, Engiby has developed a suitable installation tool and all Engiby libraries are now delivered as installation file which display clear information (Product name, version, allowed PG5), propose options and guide the user for the installation process.

In the intention to help you by installing any library packages, other methods are also explained.

This file has now been updated for the PG5 1.2 and 1.3 and old information from PG4 has been removed.

For password registration on PG5 1.2 and 1.3 read also the description of the registration procedure : Licenses Validity and Registration procedure in PG5 1.2 and 1.3

PG5 library organization

In PG5 (1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4), the libraries are organized in 3 categories : the Standard, the Application and the User libraries.

The standard libraries are automatically installed with PG5 and are available on each PC.
The default folder is C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5\Libs\Std.

The application libraries are usually installed afterwards by the user. These libraries may be unvailable on other PCs. Take care by moving a project from a PC to another one.
Some exceptions:
- The LON library is also installed with PG5
- The Heavac and Modem libraries are also installed with PG5
The default folder is C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5\Libs\App.

The user library category is foreseen for people developing there own libraries. The developer is responsible itself for the library.
The default folder is C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5\Libs\Usr.

In PG5, the notion of library does not only apply to Fbox. A library can also be an FBs library or can be used by Add-On tools. Typically an Engiby library may be used in S-Fup with Fboxes and by the NG-Configurator.
Despite, PG5 also has a FB folder where H-Module files are installed.
The default folder is C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5\Libs\FB.

In PG5, each one of these folders can be changed at anytime in SPM in the menu Tools - Options - Directories.

Libraries should not be copied from one PG5 version to another one. For each library a PG5 update exist (require for it) and will be installed in the correct folder. Some libraries may work on a former PG5 version, but without warranty. Ask SAIA or Engiby in case of doubt. In general, if the build is correctly executed, the runtime function will be correct. But few exceptions exist!

For license reason, all libraries must be updated for use in a new PG5 main version. E.g. from PG5 1.3 to PG5 1.4.

Library Override Directories

This is a new feature of PG5 1.2. It allows you to work on a PG5 project made with a former PG5 version and to continue to use the libraries of this old PG5. Engiby does not recommend to work with override librariesunless you have received explicit instructions. This can cause several incompatibility problems that will be hard to solve. For instance: Add-On tools and configurators cannot always work with older libraries.

The SAIA and Engiby libraries are normally maintained and extended in a way to be upward compatible. By using new libraries you will automatically have new features available and known bugs are fixed.

Take care! In PG5 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, when you open a project made with a former PG5 version, it will propose you to set the override directories to continue to use the former libraries. It is recommended to not accept this.

In case of problem, to remove this setting, go to the Software settings, select the Directories tab and uncheck the option 'Use Override Library Directories'. Check also 'Apply to all CPU..'.

Check the Library Versions in PG5 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4

PG5 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4 are able to list the version of all editors as well as all installed libraries, including the override libraries.
Go to the Help menu, and click Version Information.

Engiby Library Installer

To install function libraries, Engiby include a suitable installation program with the library itself. The library is delivered as self-extracting EXE-file. By executing the EXE program, the user is guided for the installation of the library. For PG5 1.2, 1.3 and 1.4, the SAIA libraries also use the Engiby Library Installer.

The installation program displays the concerned library, its version and allows you to check the delivered files. Documentation files may also be installed and a link is created in the Windows Start menu under Programs - Engiby Doc.

Before to install, select the target PG5 version. Only the allowed and available PG5 packages are shown. The destination folder is then displayed. Press the install button to start the installation.

Before to start the installation, check the displayed library name and version to ensure you are installing the correct package. If a read-me is proposed you can read it before (recommended) or after the installation.

Manual installation of a library

This procedure can be used if you have received a non-compressed files or files compressed in a format you are able to decompressed. For instance ZIP files or if you need to copy library files from a PC to another one. Remember that this procedure is not recommended unless you have received explicit instructions from SAIA or Engiby.

First fined the correct folder where the library must be installed. Read the above topics explaining thePG5 library organization.
Find all files being part of the library. This may be difficult because some files may have a different name than the usual library file names. The number of files in a library may vary depending on its structure. Files may be shared between several libraries. The list below, will help you to identify each files.

Files name



Library information file


Fbox definition


Family list definition file


Text file of the adjust windows


Library of macros


Update information


Object functions for PG4 V1.4x


Object functions for PG4


Object functions for PG5 V1.0, 1.1 and up


Object functions for PG5 V1.1 and 1.2


Encrypted source files for PG5 1.2 and up


Encrypted macro library


Auxiliary DAT file. Ex. Modem library.


File for the Engiby Configurator


General structure of auxiliary files for Engiby Add-On tools.


File for the NG-Trace software.


Fbox and/or NG-Configurator Help file


Content of Help file


Help file, English


Help file, German


Help file, French


Content of Help file, English


Content of Help file, German


Content of Help file, French

In any cases, the files with extensions .DEF, .IDX and .LIB are mandatory for all Fbox libraries.

The IDX, HLP and CNT files may exist in different languages. The HLP and CNT files have usually different names, while the IDX has the same name in all languages.

Trouble shouting and typical errors

If you encountered a problem by executing the EXE file, you can help yourself by the following: Start Winzip manually, open the EXE-file and install the library files manually. Please inform also Engiby about the problem.

You may also have a windows error message because of missing DLL. This append sometimes on new installed PCs. In this try to help yourself by installing the package.
It is an official Microsoft patch. You can also look for the newest service pack and further information at Microsoft.

You should close S-Fup (and any Add-On tool) to install a new library. After installation, the new installed library must automatically appear in the Fbox selection tool.

If a library is not in the list:

  • Ensure the library is an Fbox library.
  • Check the libraries directory used by S-Fup. From any Fbox, use the right button to call 'Advanced Info'. The files used, including the folder are indicated. Check also the Library folder in the Project Manager options.
  • Ensure you have not set an Override Directory. In the CPU, go to the Software settings and select the Directories tab.
  • Close S-Fup and restart it from the Project Manager.
  • Install the package once again. Take care at the PG5 version where you install it.
  • Ensure you are looking for the library under the correct name. Some libraries exist in various languages.
  • A library may include several families (E.g. Modbus 2 Slave and Modbus 2 Master)
  • Check if the DEF, the IDX and the LIB files are in the correct library folder (the Fbox folder).
  • Is there sufficient place on the disk?
  • Do you have write access right on the disk?
  • Existing files from former version may be write protected (e.g. you have copied files from a CD). Remove the write protection.
  • If an Fbox family or an Fbox appears with an internal name like _HEAVYXZ, it means that the IDX file is missing or of a bad version. Take care, that $ versions of SAIA libraries are usually only issued in English language.

Take care also to not install the same library in several folders of the same PG5 version (Std, App and Usr). In this case, you will have error messages when S-Fup starts. Remove manually all files of the concerned library and re-install it properly.