NG-Script is an Add-on tool for PG5 and allows the execution of scripts before, during or after the PG5 Build or manually from the application. The script language is based on Python.

Using this tool it is possible to

  • Access information about the project and the PCD device
  • Call PG5 to download the device configuraiton and program
  • Prompt the user for input
  • Access the S-Webserver of the PCD
  • Read from or write to Excel and Text files
  • Connect to MySQL databases
  • Check the free resources after build (dynamically distributed media, Program and Extension Memory)


Some examples of usages:

  • Repeated download of a program to multiple devices (e.g. PCD1.G3601 E-Line room control modules). The selection of the target S-Bus adresses could be realized in an Excel table.
  • Download of configuration of PCD7.LRxx-P5 S-Bus configuration (single click for setting subsequent S-Bus address and next download)
  • Automated creation of configuration based on Excel files, and download of the configuration to PCD controllers
  • Automated check of firmware of the controllers on a network, with optional download of the firmware and a generated report in form of an Excel file

Services and prices

In relation to NG-Script Engiby offers the following services and licenses:

  • Single Script(s) written by Engiby
    In case you have a specific task which requires automated execution, Engiby can write the according script for you. In this case you can use NG-Script for this specific script, but you cannot write your own scrips (small changes to the script such as typos can be modified).

  • Unlimited NG-Script license
    Unlimited license to write your own scripts without size limits.

 For price information and further information, please contact Engiby and provide a short description of the tasks to be executed by the scripts you require.


Single script(s) written by Engiby for a task specified by you.

Starting at CHF 1000.-
Depending on the script

Unlimited NG-Script license for writing your own scripts.

CHF 3'200.- Euro
For other requests  Please contact Engiby