NG-Dump Prices


The NG-Dump is a software created to dump data from a Saia PCD® system to an Excel or a CSV-file in a very simple way. It is foreseen to run in background on a Windows system. At startup, the program loads a description file with instructions about the data to read, when to read the data and how to save the data in the file.
The Basic version supports one connection to one Saia PCD®, one task can run in one instance only.
The Multitask version allows reading of data from several Saia PCD® stations over an S-Bus network (Serial or Ethernet) and supports several simultaneous tasks.
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Freeware version Free Free
Basic version - single site CHF 480.-- Euro
Multi-task version - single site CHF 980.-- Euro
Multi-site license On request On request
Update to latest version CHF 400.-- Euro