NG-MScan2 is an M-Bus scanner distributed for free to customer using the Engiby M-Bus driver. It can be downloaded from this site and installed as PG5 2.x Add-on tool or stand-alone.

The NG-MScan2 software allows you to scan an M-Bus network or to set the primary M-Bus address via a Saia PCD® equipped with either:

  • a PCD2/3.F27x(x) module
  • an RS232 or RS485 M-Bus level converter or
  • an IP M-Bus level converter

Alternatively the M-Bus can be scanned with a Micro-Master-USB from Relay or an RS232 M-Bus level converter directly connected to the Laptop or PC.

NG-MScan2 screenshot

With the help of NG-MScan2, M-Bus devices can be found on the bus, their values can be read, viewed and this information can be saved to a file. The collected data supports Engiby to realize a suitable FBox in the M-Bus library or to adapt an existing one. NG-MScan2 can also help to find and read particular values with the FBoxes ‘Single values’ or ‘Additional values’.

The verison 2.0.039 can be downloaded using this link.


  1. Download the Setup with the link above.
  2. Start the Setup and follow the instructions.
  3. When you are prompted to install PG5 Add-On-Tool, select the suitable PG5 version(s) and click Install Add-on Tool before to continue.
    (PG5 versions prior than 2.0 are not supported)
  4. Restart PG5 for registering the Add-on tool

Using NG-MScan2
For instructions how to access the M-Bus over the Saia PCD or directly via a level converter please consult the online help of the tool (look out for the "How to" sections).

In order to work with NG-MScan2 the following requirements need to be met:

  • PG5 2.0 or more recent (for PG5 2.3 the version 2.0.036 from NG-MScan2 is required)
  • Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
  • M-Bus FBox library version 2.6.205 or more recent (2.7.218 for the use with an IP level converter)


  • Please consider that implementing an M-Bus using NG-MScan2 does not warrantee a success in all cases. An M-Bus device may need particular initialization procedure, special reading sequence or even require some configuration commands.
    It may be necessary to send a test device to Engiby with a description of its M-Bus implementation in order to read it correctly.
  • NG-MScan2 is distributed *as is* without any warrantee. Engiby does not take any responsibility for the use of this software.

Known restrictions of the version 2.0.039

  • “Set Address” function (via primary or secondary address) requires version 2.7.525 of the M-Bus FBox library
  • Reading of devices which need configuration telegrams (SND_UD) is not yet supported.
  • Devices can only be read by their primary address