Update to Saia PG5® Controls Suite V2.2

When updating PG5® V2.1 to PG5® V2.2, the libraries and Add-on tools require an update to be compatible with PG5 2.2.

The list below contains the download link to the most commonly used free libraries and PG5 Add-on tools from Engiby sàrl. For libraries and tools which require a license (e.g. M-Bus, Modbus2 etc.) please contact us for obtaining an offer for the upgrade of your license.

Free installers for PG5 2.2.100 and higher

NG-Server FBoxes Version 2.7.521
NG-Trace FBoxes Version 2.7.501
NG Configurator (to configure datapoints in Excel) Version 2.2.270
NG-MScan2 (free M-Bus Scanner) Version 2.0.031
NG-Trace (to display trace buffers of applications) Version 2.3.010

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