More information for Text Parser

The Text Parser for SAIA-PCD allows a SAIA-PCD system to receive a text string on a serial line, a TCP or UDP port and to parse the text for values and keywords. The library is designed to work with the Engiby Configurator which allows to define the syntax rules in a MS-Excel file.

An Fbox allows you also to ‘DEMUX’ the received values. It means that you can use a value or a keyword of the message to switch the output that returns another value of the telegram.

New: The driver can be used for several serial lines on the same PCD with different syntax rules.

The Text Parser cannot handle a communication protocol but only read a ASCII text send spontaneously by a partner device.

The main conditions are :

  • The texts are sent spontaneously.
  • All sent texts have the same structure. They can be decoded with the same rules.
  • No BCC or checksum must be checked (can exist but will be ignored).
  • The texts are terminated by <CR> or <LF>.
  • No answer or acknowledgement must be sent to the partner device.
  • The evaluation of the received and decoded values is not part of the driver.
  • Must be realized by the user in S-Fup or IL program.