OPC-UA (Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture) is a data exchange standard for industrial communications. OPC UA simplifies industrial connectivity so you can integrate all your devices, automation systems and software applications using a platform-independent standard.

 Engiby has developed an OPC-UA server library for Saia PCD® systems, allowing you to make PCD data available to OPC-UA clients such as SCADA. Each data point is available as read/write and publish/subscribe.

The NG-Configurator is available to create OPC-UA data-points. This powerful tool allows you to create and configure data-points easily and efficiently in an Excel file. More info here.

Features and limitations:
Max. 10 simultaneous TCP-IP connections.
Max. 10 OPC-UA sessions.
Max. ~1000 nodes (=1000 PCD variables, flag, register, input, output).
Max. 5000 monitored items over the 10 sessions (only the ‘value’ attribute can be monitored).
The library does not support the encrypted communication or the authentication.
Don't forget to consider the limits of the hardware. The memory quickly fills up with a large number of nodes.

The minimum required firmware version is 1.28.39.

Please contact Engiby for more information.



Basic Software License including 3 runtime keys

  • PG5 V
CHF 3'200.-- Euro
Supplementary runtime, per PCD CHF 275.-- Euro
10 runtime pack (20% discount) CHF 2'200.-- Euro
25 runtime pack (30% discount) CHF 4'812.-- Euro
50 runtime pack (40% discount) CHF 8'250.-- Euro